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Hello and Welcome to LindaYapp.com.

We have been working on the website now for some time and we are still at it. Please be patient as we fiddle and futch over things to try to get them finalized. Things have changed quite a bit so please explore to find the information that you need. The News and Events bar to the left is where you will find current news and a schedule of upcoming performances and events. There are two panels below, one for Nye Beach Montessori and another for SchoolHouse Lodging for their respective pages.

Linda Yapp has delighted children and adults alike with her songs and story telling for nearly twenty five years.

As a children's musician and songwriter, Linda creates and shares music that reflects the values she holds near and dear to her heart. Her songs of peace, kindness, respect for others, the environment and all living things, aim to lift the world, one heart at a time. Her music honors and celebrates the beauty and diversity of our planet, offering inspiration to care for, protect and value all life.
Trained as a Montessori Teacher, Linda founded the Nye Beach Montessori School in Newport, Oregon back in 1982, which continues to be a thriving educational center in the Newport community.
Over the years she has taught over one thousand young children in the classroom, incorporating her music and songs in the students' daily activities. The children are a constant inspiration for her song writing and many of her students sing on her CDs.
Linda performs throughout the Northwest and Hawaii at schools, stores, parks and recreation programs, libraries, fairs and festivals.
Living in Otter Rock, Oregon with her family, she is surrounded by forest, windblown ocean and wildlife. She often travels to her favorite islands off the Gulf Coast of Florida, as well as Hawaii, where the beauty and serenity of the landscapes and marine life inspire her song writing.
For more information about Linda Yapp, to book an event, purchase a CD, or to get on her mailing list, just visit the contact page.

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