Nye Beach Montessori School

April 23, 2019 Off By Lindsay
We at Nye Beach Montessori are proud to be able to provide an atmosphere where a child’s physical and emotional security are safeguarded and where self esteem and natural curiosity are appreciated and nurtured.  

Songs and Stories

Linda Yapp founded Nye Beach Montessori in 1983.  Over the years she has taught nearly eight hundred children in the classroom incorporating her music and song in the students’ daily activities.  Her CD, Rainbow’s End, is featured on this website.

A Wealth of Activities!

At Nye Beach Montessori School. no two days are alike! We strive to provide your children with a variety of different educational activities to inspire their minds and bodies. Our activities include:
Story Time
Arts & Crafts
Outdoor Play
Indoor Play
Age Appropriate Lessons
Nap Time
Field Trips and more!
Snack Time
Music Appreciation
Dramatic Arts